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Bae.Health is a brand founded in 2022, committed to helping people with uteruses access information, support, and care on issues regarding their reproductive and sexual health, through building a holistic ecosystem to manage their health and lifestyle.

Client: Aranyaka Lifestyles
Scope: Branding, Research, Product Design, Mobile-App Design
Year: 2022

Read Time: 7 minutes

We wanted to keep all these questions at the centre of everything we did here on out as a brand. Keeping all this in mind, I began the entire research process with a 10 minute online survey, that was anonymously filled out by over 300 participants over the span of 3 weeks. 

The aim of the survey was to:

1. Understand people's primary period concerns and general info about their period cycles

2. Gauge people's understanding of normal bodily occurrences like white discharge, spotting, etc

3. Help understand their understanding of period related disorders like PCOS/PCOD

4. Understand health issued faced by individuals

5. Gather insights into fitness/lifestyle patterns and goals of people

6. Understand general struggle and areas of receiving potential support in people's everyday lifestyles

7. Understand people's willingness and attitudes towards learning more about their sexual and reproductive health

8. Understand the different aspects of apps/technology that are most important to them  

Read the full survey here



Today, the Bae.Health ecosystem consists of a mobile application - building access to fitness, nutrition, and health support. It also consists of a social media community sharing information and insights on reproductive and sexual health. Bae.Health is also committed to creating a safe and inclusive space for all cisgender women, trans people, and non-binary persons. Their work aims to provide equal, safe, and fair access to health and lifestyle resources to all irrespective of gender and sexuality.

My role in this whole eco-system was to take the brands motto and build a successful branding system and product that would efficiently take on everything the brand wanted to accomplish. And this started with the logo design for the company.

The identity designed is brave, bold, and unafraid to make a statement. The logo consists of a half cut strawberry to insinuate the imagery of a vagina - to go in line with the brands motto of destigmatization and normalizing conversations around our reproductive and sexual health, and creating an environment where healthy, positive conversations around the human body and information regarding its care is made easily available without any shame or negativity.

The typeface chosen further adds a delicate femininity to the logo.

After the survey, I realized that there were so many aspects of day-to-day monitoring and support that people would like access to from menstrual health support to managing daily schedules with to-do lists, shopping lists, etc.


The next question was how do you get all of these aspects into one app, while maintaining an easy-to-understand approach? How do you create something where all these different features don't feel forced but blend in seamlessly into the UX of the application. How do you make sure users find exactly what they need within so many features, with ease. 

I started grouping the many features into different categories that make logical sense and would be the foundation of the different content buckets available on the app.


While a lot of brands talk about inclusivity and diversity, I began to think about what it really means to be inclusive as a healthcare brand. What are some of the areas that we have to consider? How can we truly make Bae.Health a safe, accessible and inviting space for all people with uteruses? I had a few initial thoughts that I shared with the brand:

- How can we use more inclusive language when addressing our audience? When we call ourselves an app for women, are we leaving out some identities like trans-men, or non-binary people that might be effected by similar issues?

- How is the healthcare services we provide taking into consideration the health needs of trans people and existing medication they may already be on? Do we have doctors on board that are equipped to deal with these varying and individual needs while creating a safe, positive space for everybody alike?

- Are our team of mental health specialists trained to provide relevant support to everybody on our platform?

- Are we taking adequate steps to make sure that every single user is protected from potential hate-speech/discrimination on our social platforms?

- Is the content being put out by brand well researched and covering the various concerns of different groups of people?

- Are we being inclusive in our processes by involving marginalised communities into the discussion?

For the branding elements for Bae.Health, I created a set of 35 icons, illustrated to feel like stickers. The illustration style was young, hand-drawn and slightly squiggly and organic. I picked the categories that the brand was operating in - healthcare, fitness and diet, and picked out objects from these categories to illustrate the brand icons.


Customizable, Personalized Home Screen


- Quick Access to features based on your goals that you selected while onboarding the app

- These goals can always be edited, thus customizing your homepage to show features YOU want

- This allows users to customize their app to their needs, and removes unnecessary features from their typical app journeys, making it simpler to use considering the large number of features in the app 


The final Bae.Health App would do the following things across the following areas:

Reproductive Health

- Track your periods on a calendar and show you different phases of your cycle. Ex - ovulations, luteal, etc. 

- Help track and show you potential symptoms and moods during different phases of your cycle and how to manage them. Food recipes or specific workouts or activities that might help with certain symptoms would be shared. 

- Track birth control 

- Support for trying to get pregnant (The app would show you fertile days, suggest nutrition and diet, etc)

- Support during pregnancy (The app would suggest nutrition and diet, safe workout plans, symptoms management, mental health support etc)

- Support Post-partum (The app would suggest nutrition and diet, safe workout plans, symptoms management, mental health support etc)

- Support through peri-menopause and menopause (The app would suggest nutrition and diet, safe workout plans, symptoms management, mental health support etc)

- PCOS/PCOD Support and care (through symptom management, regular doctor consults, diet and workout plans, mental health support, community support, etc)

- Book specialized, and non-judgemental OBG/YN, Fitness, Nutrition and Mental health consults with top rated, experienced doctors and professionals on the app

General Health

- Track general height/weight

- Log in deficiencies or any health issues/concerns and get curated diet and workout plans

- Mental health support

- Stress management and support

- Sleep tracker and aids

- Book consults with general physicians, mental health professionals on the app


- Personalized Diet planner (based on your allergies, health conditions, health goals, etc)

- Recipes based on your goals and meal prep ideas

- Daily water tracker

- Book consults with dieticians and nutritionists on the app


- Pedometer

- Personal goals and Health-conditions based workout videos

- Join live workout sessions with other app users

- Track your workouts and progress

- Create teams with your friends on the app so you can workout together and keep each other motivated

- Book consults with fitness professionals and coaches on the app


- Forum to anonymously ask and answer questions about reproductive and sexual health

- Safe, consensual DM features to get in touch with other users on the app and discuss health-related matters

- Access to articles on reproductive/sexual health, nutrition, mental health, etc written by Bae.Health's team of professionals to educate and support users

Other Features

- Shopping list

- To-Do list

- Habit tracker (set your own customizable habits and track them)

- Weekly Planner (mark your meetings, work goals, etc and keep track of it all in one place)

For Phase 1 of the app, Bae.Health wanted to develop the PCOS/PCOD management features and develop the rest gradually. You will see few of those screens here below.

Onboarding Screen


- Onboarding screens that collect data on individuals's basic info like height, weight, period cycles, certain period-related symptoms, and health and lifestyle goals

- This information will form the basis of your app once you login

- Features and support information available to you on the app will be based on the inputs you filled while onboarding.

- For ex - If you say muscle gain is a health goal for you, you may be shown workout routines that support that along with high-protein and fibre-rich menu plans.

Easily Book Consults with Doctors


- Choose from a range of top rated doctors

- Get info on their specialization, educational & professional background, the languages they speak and their app ratings

- Book appointments on a date and time suitable to you for your e-consult



- The PCOS/PCOD manager opens with a quick questionnaire the first time you open it

- Collects info on the symptoms you experience through a comprehensive list of 50 symptoms

- This helps the app curate personalized Workout, Meals, Skincare/Haircare, and Mental Health management plans for you 

- Your symptoms and goals on the app can be edited at any time

- Choose from a wide range of recipe ideas, workout plans, and skincare and mental health management programmes specially put together keeping your symptoms and how to manage and improve them in mind


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