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Karthik, who goes by the stage name Kaezee, is an upcoming DJ in Hyderabad, India. Kaezee specializes in tropical house, deep house, techno, and EDM, and was looking at creating a brand identity for himself, along with an album cover for his first tropical house mix tape. 

Client: DJ Kaezee
Scope: Branding, Album Cover Design
Year: 2022

Read Time: 1.5 minutes

Keeping the genres that the DJ specializes in mind, the identity had to be edgy and new, with a certain softness to it. Unlike rock or metal, tropical house, house and similar genres had mellow beats with high tempos and I wanted this contrast to come out in the identity.


Hence the typeface chosen had long, straight edges with slightly curved corners, giving it a sturdy, yet soft feel. Two lines were further added crossing through the alphabets, to complete the letter 'K' and the letters 'E'. The two lines are imperfectly aligned, representing uniqueness and choosing your own path, and music that hits different from the ordinary. The bright pink and green adds a mellow, tropical feel inline with the artists choice of genre and a bright, young splash of colour to the identity.

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