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Paripâttis is a start-up home bakery in Hyderabad, India. The owner wanted a logo design, and a packaging design that would be simple to print and cost effective as this was the first phase of her business.

Client: Paripâttis
Scope: Logo Design, Packaging Design, Menu Design
Year: 2019

Read Time: 1.5 minutes

The first thing that stood out to me about the Baker/Owner, was her fun, playful personality, and the passion and love she had for baking and sharing that love with her customers. I immediately knew that these attributes would have to come out through the branding in order for it to do justice to the love and care behind the brand and authentically communicate its' playful and fun essence to its customers. 

I started by making a quick mood board

After the mood board was green lighted by the client, I began to make rough sketches of ideas for the logo. 

The owner/baker had such a vibrant personality that I felt would be the perfect mascot for the brand. So I decided to create a mascot out of her, and incorporate that into the brand identity. The final identity had an illustration of the baker with her chef's hat, big, bright smile and curly hair, playfully holding a bowl of chocolate and a whisk with chocolate dripping from it. The typeface chosen was fun and organic, and helped maintain the element of motion that the illustration depicted.

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