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A HYPOTHETICAL Ad campaign was created for Peta as a part of a university course. The campaign was called 'Is it really just an animal' and was conceptualised to work along with Peta's #KeepWildLifeOutOfYourWardrobe hashtag.

Client: NA
Scope: Advertising Design
Year: 2017

Read Time: 1.5 minutes

The campaign aimed at raising awareness towards animal cruelty, and getting people to think about the additional, non-monetary price of most of our daily articles. It sheds light on the additional cost of a life that is paid for most of these items by depicting the everyday items in use, but incorporating a part of the animal that was killed to make said product.

The visuals were intended to be striking, and mildly unsettling by depicting blood along with the body parts of animals to emphasize the true origins of the product. To quickly depict my concepts, I photographed a few friends and edited the animal effects and painted on the blood later.

The concepts were as follows...

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