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Something Fishy

Something Fishy was my first ever freelance project, all the way back in 2017 when I was a junior in undergrad, and hence, is extremely close to my heart. Something Fishy was looking to have a logo designed for them along with packaging for their food and a simple menu design.

Client: Something Fishy

Scope: Branding, Packaging, Menu Design
Year: 2017

Read Time: 1.5 minutes

Something Fishy is a food truck start-up based out of Pune, India. The food truck specializes in incorporating sea food with fast food, and hence, the client wanted an identity that did just that.

The identity incorporated a burger to complete an image of a fish, thus depicting both sea food and fast food. The illustration was made in a fun vector style with simple accents to give a slight 3D feel. The visual style chosen was bright and fun, coupled with a playful yet bold font to appeal to the trucks target audience of people between the ages of 16-35. Orange was further used as the dominant colour as it is a colour closely associated with food and hunger and would help invoke the feelings of relish and building appetites.

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