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The Room Story

Vrissaa, a luxury interior space design studio founded in 2018, decided to undergo a rebranding. The brand wished to completely change the branding of the company - its' name, brand identity, collateral, brand language, and social media. 

Client: Pravi Group
Scope: Branding
Year: 2022

Read Time: 2 minutes


The company's previous name Vrissaa (another name for Lord Krishna from Hindu mythology) was not working at creating an efficient brand image to attract the brand's target audience. The brand specialized in creating modern, personalized spaces, specially catered to the lifestyles, needs, and preferences of each individual client, and a traditional name like Vrissaa did not successfully project that mission. After much consideration, the name 'The Room Story' was suggested for its simple, yet effective connection of the core service of the brand, while emphasizing on the personalized, luxury aspect of it. 

 Every key is unique and different, just like the spaces crafted by The Room Story. And this identity sets out to depict just that - the attention to detail and personalization to spaces that the brand creates. The overlapping O's were further created to depict the coming together of aesthetics and functionality within spaces and how the brand operates in a space where these two attributes meet. The typefaces chosen were minimal while being slightly formal to add to the overall elegant aesthetic that the brand was going for.



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